Hacking Away at the Templates

Well, I’ve not spent a TREMENDOUS amount of time hacking away at the WordPress templates, but I must say, it certainly isn’t as user friendly as all that. Not sure I WANT it, though ease of posting and uploading is 100% good. BUT, the getting stuff to go where I want it to go and display how I want it to display is like trying to take a slobbery tennis ball out of the mouth of a 100lb playful dog, all clumsy teeth and thumping tail, slime,  dog smell, and pretend growling. “Why won’t it do the thing!?” I shout.

And the template laughs at me, pees on a bush and runs off with the ball, and I’m left with a handful of slime and a disgusted need to wash myself of it. I will try again in a few days, as I have other plans for my long weekend. Hope to challenge this mountain again soon!


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